Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cupcake Travels

After yesterday's post about fairy tales and the next chapters in my story, I thought I would begin a series of posts about all the possibilities ahead of me.

Remember how I blogged about this book here ??

Well, as expected, when the book arrived in the post I fell in   L - O - V - E

In recent weeks I have been dreaming of travelling and have wistful thoughts of Pastries in Paris and Tastings in Tuscany.

I always thought Europe was my destination of choice...
But now I'm strongly considering a trip to the US of A.

Mostly so that I can visit this store in San Francisco :

Images courtesy of Bakerella

It would all be in the name of research.

One day, I will open my own cupcake shop. Just ask Jodie! (I'm glad someone believes in me!)

Until then, I will dream of travels in search of the sweetest treats and the tastiest temptations.



  1. Ohhh it looks amazing!! I think you should go to USA *then* Europe :D

    And just quietly, you would have the most ah-mazing cupcake shop. Ever. xox

  2. yes yes yes!!! you must travel, imagine all that material you could generate for your blog, and all the stories you could bring back to the cool pod xx


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