Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I Want To Go On A Unicorn Safari...

You know how you have your fave websites ? The ones that you visit daily, or atleast once a week ? 

Mahoney Joe used to be in that category for me.. and for whatever reason (probably because life got in the way of my meaningless, time-wasting interwebs browsing) this little site fell to the bottom of my priorities list and I soon forgot all about it :(

But today, my love of this site is revived - because it has entertained me for a solid half hour which has absolutely made my day.

I agree - Everyone should take unicorn spotting equipment AND cake on a safari.


Monday, 30 July 2012

Winter Road Trip

First of all - I promise I'm not slack.. My laptop has died an incredibly sad and untimely death. Particularly inconvenient as I was somewhat bedridden for the two weeks (Helloooo boredom). This has meant no blogging because it turns out the Blogger App on my iPhone hates me :(

Anyway, a few weekends ago my lovely sister (who was back in town to play nurse and chef) put on her Chauffeur's hat and drove us to Mannum. It was a weird wintery day with miserable gray skies and intermittent rain. But I am all about deep and meaningful chats on a road trip, so I settled back in my passenger seat and as she drove we discussed the meaning of life...

OK. We didn't.

But it was still quality time with my big sis!

Sometimes it doesn't matter how many opinions you have sought, the only one that truly counts is the harsh truth from a sibling (I can only assume that big brothers have the same ability to impart wisdom in a caring and blunt way at the same time?!)

Anyway - On our travels, i took a souvenir shot out the car window using the Camera+ App.

Big love to you Bree - I miss your guts.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Celebration Cakes for Jodie

I believe in eating cake on your Birthday.

And it was Jodie's birthday two weeks ago, so I made her some little treats to help her celebrate (coz let's face it - if you have to work on your birthday, there should atleast be cake to brighten your day!).

Vanilla Cupcakes with Butterscotch Frosting


Monday, 16 July 2012

Crocodile Cupcakes

Sometimes you just need a little funfetti in your life!

These little crocodile cakes make me smile whenever I look at them.

Baked with a basic vanilla cupcake recipe and plain vanilla frosting - this little cakes were allllll about the decoration.

Crocodile Funfetti Cupcakes


Saturday, 14 July 2012

It's Official

Last year for Pip's birthday, I made her a cake.

This year ? I made it again.

Yep - Some might call me unoriginal. But I'm calling it Tradition!

I hereby dub this The Official Cake of Pippa.

Orange and Almond Meal Cake



Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Meet Me at Max's

I visited my sister Bree in Canberra a few weeks ago.

And I learnt 3 things...

One :
It's damn cold in there in winter. Incredibly cold.
Like - "If I'm experiencing this kind of cold, there might as well be fun snow to play in".. 
But there is no snow. Just cold. Really frosty, alpine-style cold.

Which brings me to Number Two :
People in Canberra look sad.
[Refer to Number One]
I would be sad if I had to live in such a cold boring place too...

And Three :

This was Canberra's one redeeming quality.

It is chocolate heaven.
A cozy, cafe-style of heaven.

If I lived in Canberra, you might just find me drowning my sorrows in chocolatey-goodness Every.Single.Day.

Max Brenner

We shared a few dishes because we couldn't decide.

Waffles? Sure.
Banana crepes? Yes please!
Extra melted chocolate? Why not?!?
oh, and a mug of super creamy hot chocolate too. Thanks :)

Here's a snippet of their menu -

It was all dee-licious.

And the best news?
They have stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.. So I won't have to go back to Canberra for my chocolate fix!

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