Monday, 30 July 2012

Winter Road Trip

First of all - I promise I'm not slack.. My laptop has died an incredibly sad and untimely death. Particularly inconvenient as I was somewhat bedridden for the two weeks (Helloooo boredom). This has meant no blogging because it turns out the Blogger App on my iPhone hates me :(

Anyway, a few weekends ago my lovely sister (who was back in town to play nurse and chef) put on her Chauffeur's hat and drove us to Mannum. It was a weird wintery day with miserable gray skies and intermittent rain. But I am all about deep and meaningful chats on a road trip, so I settled back in my passenger seat and as she drove we discussed the meaning of life...

OK. We didn't.

But it was still quality time with my big sis!

Sometimes it doesn't matter how many opinions you have sought, the only one that truly counts is the harsh truth from a sibling (I can only assume that big brothers have the same ability to impart wisdom in a caring and blunt way at the same time?!)

Anyway - On our travels, i took a souvenir shot out the car window using the Camera+ App.

Big love to you Bree - I miss your guts.


1 comment:

  1. Nawwwwww I miss you tooooo Snot Face!!! <3 Less than 8 weeks til we see each other again!!

    And I rekon we did have some good D&M's that day :)


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