Thursday, 27 September 2012

Words with Friends Part II

I've written a post about commonly used words amongst friends in the past - See Here.

But in conversation at work last week, we discovered that there is now a whole new rotation of words and phrases in my vocabulary.

Looking back at the past post, I am interested to discover that most words seem to have disappeared off the radar - except for 'ah-mazing'. That one's a keeper.

"What else made the new list ?" and "How shall I incorporate these into conversation ?" I hear you ask. 

Well, allow me to enlighten you.

Better than OK. Can be used to indicate agreement
[Example] "Brilliant.. I'll send that through to you in an email"

Or to end a conversation
[Example] "Brilliant.. See you tomorrow"

Can also be used as a response to "How are you?" in a sarcastic manner.
[Example] "How are you?" "Brilliant"

Adopted from my Nan.

Can be used instead of 'apparently'.
[Example] "Evidently Mary said that John had dinner with a 'client' the other night..."
Is usually used to launch into a gossip session about a scandalous event or person.

That was a debacle
To be said slowly to emphasise the craziness of a situation.

[Example]  That.  Was.  A.  Debacle.

Can also be used in conjunction with "That's ridiculous"

In other news...
Used at the tail end of a story/conversation to steer the topic onto something else.

[Example] "... and that's what I ate for dinner last night"
"In other news, I bought the most ah-mazing dress on ebay last night..."

(Not to be confused with 'On that note...' which implies that the topic of the new conversation is still relevant or associated with the previous discussion)

Can be used in a variety of contexts.

To be said in a sing-song manner

[Example] Sexuuuuaaaaaaallllllll
Can also be accompanied with appropriate facial expressions and body movement.

These are not necessarily used by everyone else (yet) but they definitely contribute a large portion to my daily word quota. Feel free to incorporate them into your regular vernacular. 

That is all.


Monday, 24 September 2012

Andie Cupcake

It's time to get personal...

Who is Andie ?

If I'm honest, I can safely assume that all of my readers know me in 'real' life anyway..

But that's OK.

This post is like playing a game of 20 questions...

But without the 20 questions.

C'mon.. It'll be fun*.
*In a very loose sense of the word.

I am... still trying to figure out what to do with my life.

I try... to be thankful.

Be Happy - Love Life

I want... to be able to eat cupcakes and chocolate without getting fat.

I have… made mistakes. But I have also learnt from them.

I wish... my sister and I didn't live in different states.

I hate... being judged.
Yes – this is somewhat hypocritical considering how judgmental I can be.

And Kristen Stewart – I hate her too…

Kristen Stewart - Less facial expressions than a rug

I fear... losing the people I love

I lose... sleep if I am reading a book that I can’t put down. (Negotiating with myself - "Just one more chapter" NEVER works.)

I search... for patience. In myself. Because I can be a little bit like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

“But Daddy! I want a geese that lays golden eggs and I want it NOW!”

I wonder... ‘what if?’ allllll the time

I regret... buying several items in my wardrobe. What was I thinking?!

I can’t… fold a fitted sheet. Not even if my life depended on it. (And yes – I have seen the tutorials on Pinterest)

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

I miss... my Nan  

I think... constantly. Sometimes unnecessarily. Often too much.

My Thought Flow Chart

I am never... going to be a successful poker player. My face shows every emotion.

I love... Miss Emmy; Cupcakes; the beach; Shoes; Sparkles; White home décor; Putting on my pajamas at the end of the day; Pretty dresses; Baking; Listening to the rain; Bubble baths… ah the list is endless.

I look forward to... going to Paris one day. 


I usually… Spend my weekends baking and walking Miss Emmy. This is my ultimate relaxation.

I keep... certain people’s phone numbers in my mobile so that I know not to answer those calls. 

I always... wear mascara. Because honestly ? You would think I was dying if I didn’t. 

I sing... in the car. With the windows down if it’s warm outside. 
And no – I don’t stop singing at the traffic lights.. Let the people stare!!!

Singing in the Car

I never... thought I would be 26 and divorced

I cry... if I leave the house feeling fabulous in the morning; but don’t see anyone important all day. OK – not actual tears. But I do get a little disappointed to ‘waste’ a gorgeous outfit/hair-day.

I am not always... confident. 

I dance... in the kitchen. When I am baking.

I need... to stress less. Sometimes anxiety consumes me. This may have something to do with that whole ‘over-thinking’ thing.. 

Overthinking Ruins You

I should... pay more attention to the news and current events. Considering I work in the media industry, I should be much more informed than I am.

I sometimes... get to a point in my work day when I can 100% guarantee that I am going to be completely unproductive until home time. (Yes – Sometimes this point occurs before 10am..)

I can’t wait... to see what my future has in store for me.

Life Flow Chart


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Pack a Basket and Escape for a While

Ahh.. Spring time!

What's not to love?

Sunny days

Warmer nights

Delicious fruits

Colourful blooms

Perfect weather for a Sunday drive and perhaps a cosy picnic.

Everybody loves a 'picnic'...!


Image 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Prada Scented Carpet

I hung a mirror on my bedroom wall the other day.

Unfortunately, at 4am the next morning I thought I was being ambushed by clumsy thieves.

Turns out the hook on which I had hung the mirror didn't want to hold the weight.. So the mirror crashed onto my cake stand of perfume bottles, which consequently ricocheted around the room and smashed into the walls in a spectacular shower of glass and aromatic scents.


On the plus side - The mirror didn't break. For which I am thankful, because frankly, I don't need another 7 years of bad luck.

And - I think I could be onto something new = Scented floors. 
Kinda like scratch and sniff stickers.. but for the home.

My carpet now smells like Prada.



Never Second Guess

This past week I've been spending time with my friends Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

I can easily indulge in episode after episode of Sex and the City.

And I don't feel bad about being a couch potato for the past few nights because it's more than a TV show - it's like therapy.

These women are good friends to have because no matter what mistakes I have made - they have probably made them too. Or worse.

Admittedly - like true friends - they do things that I judge question; but I love them anyway.

See? They offer companionship and wisdom.

And their lives of endless brunches, cocktails, VIP events and designer clothing are just so damn glamorous!


Image here

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Happy D-Day to Me

Yesterday was a significant day.

To me it marked the beginning of something wonderful. 

People talk about moments in our lives marking the beginning or the end of a chapter.

I think this new phase in my life is more like an entirely different book.

Miss Pip and Lady Candice helped me to celebrate the day with some bubbles.

Cheers to D-Day!


Monday, 3 September 2012


I have found a new way to waste time on the interwebs...

It's a funny little blog called Pinstrosity.

The general idea? Photos and stories from people who have tried to recreate something they saw on Pinterest.. which has gone terribly wrong.

pin·stros·i·ty \pin-ˈsträ-sə-tē\: a pin of great and often frightening size, force, or complexity. 

Here's a sample from the website and one of my personal favourites...

Cake Fail - Pinstrosity-Style
Pinned here

Of course, there are also stories of 'Pin Wins' - Celebrating the success of a Pinterest Project. But these are not nearly as entertaining as the Pinstrosity's.

[For a Pin Win of her very own, see Miss Jodie's Kit Kat cake here]

Over the weekend, I attempted my very own Pinterest Projects - 

Claiming to save you energy and time, this Pin told me to use vinegar as a cleaning product.

[This is not my microwave]

And the results ?

Well... it worked. It took 15 minutes on high, but my microwave looks just like new. WOOHOO!

My second weekend Pinterest Project involved Eggs, Oil and Mayo.

And I wasn't making some weird concoction for lunch.. I put it in my hair.

Apparently "Rich in proteins, vitamins and super- nurturing fatty acids, egg yolks won’t only make your hair softer, shinier and healthier but help you to grow it long as well."

I had to give it a go. Since I have been lightening my hair, I have been really conscious about it drying out and becoming brittle, so I'm willing to give it any chance to stay strong and healthy.

However, I'm not convinced... I made an absolute MESS in the bathroom and I seriously can't see any considerable changes (unlike the many people who have reviewed this treatment and claim their hair was instantly softer and shinier). I wouldn't call this a Pinstrocity.. but it was definitely not a Pin Win!

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