Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Prada Scented Carpet

I hung a mirror on my bedroom wall the other day.

Unfortunately, at 4am the next morning I thought I was being ambushed by clumsy thieves.

Turns out the hook on which I had hung the mirror didn't want to hold the weight.. So the mirror crashed onto my cake stand of perfume bottles, which consequently ricocheted around the room and smashed into the walls in a spectacular shower of glass and aromatic scents.


On the plus side - The mirror didn't break. For which I am thankful, because frankly, I don't need another 7 years of bad luck.

And - I think I could be onto something new = Scented floors. 
Kinda like scratch and sniff stickers.. but for the home.

My carpet now smells like Prada.



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