Thursday, 27 September 2012

Words with Friends Part II

I've written a post about commonly used words amongst friends in the past - See Here.

But in conversation at work last week, we discovered that there is now a whole new rotation of words and phrases in my vocabulary.

Looking back at the past post, I am interested to discover that most words seem to have disappeared off the radar - except for 'ah-mazing'. That one's a keeper.

"What else made the new list ?" and "How shall I incorporate these into conversation ?" I hear you ask. 

Well, allow me to enlighten you.

Better than OK. Can be used to indicate agreement
[Example] "Brilliant.. I'll send that through to you in an email"

Or to end a conversation
[Example] "Brilliant.. See you tomorrow"

Can also be used as a response to "How are you?" in a sarcastic manner.
[Example] "How are you?" "Brilliant"

Adopted from my Nan.

Can be used instead of 'apparently'.
[Example] "Evidently Mary said that John had dinner with a 'client' the other night..."
Is usually used to launch into a gossip session about a scandalous event or person.

That was a debacle
To be said slowly to emphasise the craziness of a situation.

[Example]  That.  Was.  A.  Debacle.

Can also be used in conjunction with "That's ridiculous"

In other news...
Used at the tail end of a story/conversation to steer the topic onto something else.

[Example] "... and that's what I ate for dinner last night"
"In other news, I bought the most ah-mazing dress on ebay last night..."

(Not to be confused with 'On that note...' which implies that the topic of the new conversation is still relevant or associated with the previous discussion)

Can be used in a variety of contexts.

To be said in a sing-song manner

[Example] Sexuuuuaaaaaaallllllll
Can also be accompanied with appropriate facial expressions and body movement.

These are not necessarily used by everyone else (yet) but they definitely contribute a large portion to my daily word quota. Feel free to incorporate them into your regular vernacular. 

That is all.


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