Tuesday, 2 October 2012

An Ordinary Weekend

I had an ordinary weekend.

It was not exciting. It was not busy. It was just ordinary.

And I loved it.

Andy Warhol

I did my grocery shopping;

Took Emmy for a haircut;

Had brunch with friends;

Gave myself a manicure;

Took Emmy to the dog park; 

Caught up on some long overdue TV watching (Hello True Blood and Hart of Dixie); and

Made Mum some pancakes for afternoon tea.

Three glorious days spent doing whatever I pleased.

I'm all about the little things at the moment. And the little things make me happy.



  1. Sounds like a super lovely weekend. The only thing missing was.. sisterly love <3 xox

  2. It is EXTRA ordinary weekend indeed! xoxo
    ~ Mehul
    cast stone columns


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