Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Finding Zen

At first glance, this would appear to be some kind of list for finding my inner Zen. 

But really, it was the start of a quick 'To Do' list I jotted down on Sunday morning. 

I woke early and felt like I had 100 things to accomplish in a day - so being the ever-organised list writer that I am; I began to put pen to paper and had a giggle at myself when the first 3 items on the list made it look like I was searching for inner-peace in a day.

First things first - a Body Balance class to start the day. This is my new weekend ritual.
My gym has classes on both Saturday and Sunday morning...

Oh yeah... I've joined a gym. eek!

Anyway, in the spirit of full disclosure - I've made a commitment to attend atleast one of the Balance classes each weekend.

Feel free to hold me accountable.

Comments such as "Hey Andie, Happy Saturday. Have fun at Balance this morning?" will be accepted with a graceful - "Yes, it was amazing; I feel so energised now. Thanks for asking".

Of course, Baking made my list at number two, because I had a family dinner to attend; and dessert was expected.

I also whipped up some melting moments and some honey joys.

Honey Joys, by the way, are super underrated.

I love them.

OK... loved them. 

They're all gone.

I didn't even pause to take a photo.

Back to my list - - 


= Freedom Furniture

Sometimes I just like to go there to browse.

On Sunday, I went on a mission to find a bookcase for my cookbooks; But sadly, it was a failed operation.

My 'To Do' list went on to include other (less exciting) tasks such as Washing; Vaccuming; Take Emmy to the Dog Park; Food Shopping etc.. But these inclusions did not make for such a Zen-like list.

I did manage to put a big fat tick next to most of items which is always very satisfying. 

And next weekend, I'll be doing it all again.


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