Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It's Barbie, B!tch

Let me set a scene for you - -
Friday's in the office.

A day notorious for being a little more casual than the rest of the week (in attire; and sometimes attitude..)

But this did not soften the blow of a snide remark a colleague directed at me last week in regards to my choice of outfit for the day (for the record, it was a stripey sweater and black pants - this was hardly the scandalous tracksuit pant/sneaker scenario her comments implied).

Friday Attire = Casual Chic

Perhaps I wasn't busy enough on the weekend; because I managed to stew on this topic for 2 full days.

Insert renewed focus on my office wardrobe.

This may require some shopping.

I think that's a small (or maybe not so small) price to pay.

Corporate Barbie is preparing her come back.

Corporate Barbie :: 
Renowned for her sheer confidence, style and super cute (mostly pink) accessories.

Love a little peplum..


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