Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Meet Me at Max's

I visited my sister Bree in Canberra a few weeks ago.

And I learnt 3 things...

One :
It's damn cold in there in winter. Incredibly cold.
Like - "If I'm experiencing this kind of cold, there might as well be fun snow to play in".. 
But there is no snow. Just cold. Really frosty, alpine-style cold.

Which brings me to Number Two :
People in Canberra look sad.
[Refer to Number One]
I would be sad if I had to live in such a cold boring place too...

And Three :

This was Canberra's one redeeming quality.

It is chocolate heaven.
A cozy, cafe-style of heaven.

If I lived in Canberra, you might just find me drowning my sorrows in chocolatey-goodness Every.Single.Day.

Max Brenner

We shared a few dishes because we couldn't decide.

Waffles? Sure.
Banana crepes? Yes please!
Extra melted chocolate? Why not?!?
oh, and a mug of super creamy hot chocolate too. Thanks :)

Here's a snippet of their menu -

It was all dee-licious.

And the best news?
They have stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.. So I won't have to go back to Canberra for my chocolate fix!


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