Thursday, 8 September 2011

Being Happy

Things that make me happy :

Miss Emmy

Freshly cleaned sheets on my bed

Thick sliced toast with butter and peanut butter

Warm cookies fresh from the oven

Sitting on the couch under a doona with the airconditioner on

Getting a text message

Singing in the car


Wearing a new outfit and getting compliments about it

Catching up with a friend and talking for hours


Sunday afternoon baking

Freshly manicured nails

Listening to my iPod on shuffle

Frozen coke

Taking Emmy for a walk in the sun - Not knowing where we're going, just walking..

People watching in airports

Bonding with someone over a TV show (especially True Blood, because I can gush about Eric for hours..)

Wearing a dress or skirt that I can twirl in

Watching rain through a window

Laughing so hard that I'm no longer making any noise, but am gasping for air

Swinging on a swing set

Spending time with family

Bubble baths

Eating icecream out of the tub

Driving in the car with the windows down

Fairy bread

New shoes


Logging into Blogger and seeing that someone has commented on one of my posts  :)


Image Sources : Happy Print;  Emmy;  HugsIce-CreamTwirl;  Bubble BathShoes


  1. this makes me smile xx Let's focus on these things tomorrow for our last day of freedom in the cool pod xxx

  2. What a wonderful collection of happy things :) I can't pick one that I don't agree with xoxo

  3. Oh and I think you should add "endota" to the list :)

  4. Lovely thoughts! Thanks for stopping by Gild & Grace :)
    Abbey x

  5. Lovely thoughts! Thanks for stopping by Gild & Grace :)
    Abbey x

  6. I love so many things on this list too. Can't beat the feeling of warm sheets straight from the dryer, baking, cookies and swishy skirts.
    And True Blood is so addictive. I love Eric even more after his transformation this season.
    Are you blogging from Aus by the way? Because I'd love to add your site to the Aussie blogroll I have, especially with all the sweet treats on your site.

    Cookies & Cupcakes,

  7. Hi Andie,

    I have followed Jodie's advice and popped in to say hello. I love your happy list. Especially, Emmy- so cute, fresh sheets, people watching anywhere,True blood - I mean really, how can a T.V. show be so addictive?, twirly skirts and family time.
    Great post!
    Kel x

  8. That sign needs to be printed out by your desk missy. X


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