Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Project Healthy House

I'm fairly confident that I'm not alone when I say that I have indulged in far too much food over the past few days.

My routine came easily - Melting Moments and Choc Caramel Slice for breakfast; Pavlova for lunch; Ice-cream and Custard for dessert. Fruit ? Barely. Not unless it was chocolate covered...
Oh!  There were pieces of strawberries in mum's Jelly Slice...!

Anyway, after solidly eating may way through the first half of my holidays, I am now turning my attention to a new plan.

Project Healthy House.

I live with 2 gorgeous girls, but the three of us have decided that if we work together to make healthy choices, the lifestyle will be easier to maintain.

Plus Miss Morgan was given Wii Zumba for Christmas and we're super excited to give it a try (Once we figure out how to get the Wii to work...)

I've posted about fitness before. And while it seems to conflict somewhat with my blog name, I have decided that it can/will be possible for me to bake my cupcakes and eat them too.

For me, it's about focus. It's about making choices that make me happy. It's about putting myself first.

So three cheers to Project Healthy House (and yes Miss Jodie, you can join in too).

How to Reach Your Fitness Goals. Pinned Here


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  1. I'm in. All in. I will be contacting the gym on Tuesday to set up my appointment. Awesome booty here we come xx


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