Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Weekend That 'Flew'

So, we had our work Christmas Party on Friday night - The theme was 'Australia'..

And The Cool Pod rocked it.

Our interpretation of the theme was a little outside the square, but you can read more on that over at LukaMish.

Saturday was a very quiet day.. and by quiet, I mean that I barely moved from the couch. Frozen coke was my saviour.

So today I felt like I needed to be super productive to make up for such a lazy Saturday. The days activities included Christmas shopping and lunch with mum.

Then I spent a few solid hours in the kitchen - simultaneously baking, singing and dancing around to my latest and greatest playlist.

The result ?

A candy house and a cake for dessert.

 Not bad, right?

Can you believe there's less than a week left until Christmas now?

There will be more baking, singing and dancing later in the week as I prepare some sweet treats for Christmas Day..



  1. Love the outfits ladies, you all looked amazing!!!

    The gingerbread house looks fabulous Babe!! Can't wait to eat it :P

    Less than a weeeeeek :-) xox


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