Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Those of you who read my blog regularly (which to be honest is probably just my sister!) would know that after selling my house I moved to a sharehouse where my gorgeous puppy was not permitted to live. It was extremely difficult to make the choice to move when I knew she couldn't come with me and I experienced a huge amount of guilt throughout the five months I spent there, but I made the decision for many reasons, but perhaps selfishly because being with friends was what I needed at the time. 

Miss Emmy was temporarily adopted by my mum so I knew she was being looked after - and judging by the amount of weight she has gained during that time, I know she was definitely well fed - but I knew I could only take advantage of mum's offer to be a halfway home for Miss Emmy for a limited time. And, if I'm 100% truthful, Emmy is a huge part of my life and I missed her immensely.

So... over the weekend I've moved house again (yes.. that's now 3 moves in 6 months) and Miss Emmy and I are finally reunited.

The weekend was emotional - combined sadness over leaving Miss Pip; excitement over another new beginning which includes 'Morg's and Andie's Pink House of Fabulousness'; and ofcourse having Emmy back on a full-time basis (which means no more weekend visitation issues or awkward access visits).

And, Miss Emmy seems to have settled into our new house nicely and quickly claimed Morgan's bed as her own.

It was my first day back at work today since the move, and whilst Emmy was somewhat confused by being confined to the yard all day (since she's previously had a dog door and therefore access into the house at all times), I must admit - I do love coming home to such an enthusiastic greeting at the end of a long day.

All packed up and ready to go..

It was an exhausting day - all that exploring in the new backyard tired her out

Then she discovered Miss Morgan's bed

My vicious guard dog - keeping watch out my bedroom door
(and maybe napping on the job!)

Where is she? Oh, back on Morgan's bed!

This is her Happy Face

And now she's discovered another Comfy Spot - the fur rug beside my bed



  1. Hoooorayyyyy for being re-united :) I am so happy for you both!! I am sure that your new place does in fact look absolutely fabulous, and can't wait to visit!! xx

  2. yay for the reunion! forgot to say - she is invited as well for arvo tea on Monday!!!! she has to enjoy it while she can - as soon as Mr Bass arrives i'm not sure how well he will cope with furry friends visiting!!! see you very soon xxx

  3. Love love love my new flattie as much as I love you Miss Andie - she is welcome to my bed anytime! xx


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