Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Conquering IKEA

It's true. I did it.

I went to IKEA.

I navigated through the warehouse to the right shelf and identified the correct box.

And I took it home...

That's when I secretly started to panic.

My 6 months of employment at the Swedish furniture store may have been a huge advantage when it comes to shopping there, but it certainly didn't teach me any skills in the realm of furniture assembly.

In fact (and I admit this quietly and with shame) - Before the store's Grand Opening back in 2006, staff had to assist by building the display furniture. A task I was quickly removed from due to my obvious talents in other areas (aka embarrassingly slow furniture assembly skills).

And since when did IKEA furniture require a drill and a hammer to build?! Obviously the days of a simple allan key are long gone.

Anyway... 2 boxes; 1,000,000 nuts, bolts and screws; and 5.5 hours later - It was complete!

Yep.. I'm an independent woman.

But please - Don't ask me to help next time you've been shopping at IKEA.
I am done for atleast another 6 years!

One last thing - 

Those candy jars on top are just gorgeous and perfect for storing almost anything.

I'm using them for jewellery, but they've also done time in the kitchen and bathroom.
They're available here - Brown Button Trading


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