Friday, 20 April 2012

Afternoon Tea with Miss KB

I finally got to see the SFC over Easter!
(And then sadly got too slack to post about it before now!)

Even though Miss KB insists that there's still sooo much work to do, the place is ah-mazing and I am truly jealous!

Miss Emmy was invited to the afternoon tea because she won't be welcome after the arrival of Chuck Bass - understandable, because Emmy is practically from Brooklyn and Mr Bass has high standards....!

The afternoon tea was delicious (I think I ate my body weight in mini quiches) and it was wonderful to catch up with KB but my petulant teenager of a dog, clearly dissatisfied with being confined to the courtyard, gave us all a heart attack mid-afternoon, by successfully escaped and disappeared up the street.

Luckily KB noticed she was missing before she could venture too far so she spent the remainder of the afternoon inside with us.

I took this opportunity to engage her chair modelling skills.....

Hmmm... She really needs a haircut!!


1 comment:

  1. YAY! so good to have all of your here. Must "emmy proof' the outside exits before the next visit xxx


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