Sunday, 5 June 2011

Winter = Comfort Food

And by comfort food, I mean chocolate. And lots of it.

My favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon is in the kitchen making mouth-watering treats.

Please note that the Sunday Afternoon baking tradition was born after I discovered that Saturday Afternoon baking was making me very fat. Mostly because rather than sharing the baked goods, I tend to eat them. All of them.

This afternoon involved chocolate from Bali and a box of Oeros.

The result was chocolate raspberry brownies and Oreo stuffed choc chip cookies.

Miss Pip discovered the recipe for these cookies here and while I'm not a huge fan of Oero's, I simply had to give it a go. (There may have also been significant pressure from co-workers who heard us discussing these cookies and begged me to make them on the weekend - I caved. I'm pathetic like that sometimes..)

Besides -- It's a cookie inside a cookie!!!!

I must say that I was amused by the recipe, which claimed to make 24 gigantic cookies.

I realise that 'gigantic' is an ambiguous measurement, but my mixture only made 13, so I must have done something wrong.

Anyway, I have been extremely restrained and haven't taste-tested these cookies yet (mostly because there's only 13 and I had to take some to my sweet-toothed colleagues.)

Oh, and the brownies ?

Not nearly as exciting. Or as photogenic.

And also, I may have been using a clock with no batteries as a time-keeping tool which may have resulted in crispier than intended brownies..

Note to self - buy new batteries for the clock in the kitchen.



  1. Umm... Do you think you can stealthily put one of those giant cookies aside for my impending arrival???? ;)

  2. There's ONE LEFT ! Come and get it. xx


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