Friday, 10 June 2011

Feeling Grown Up

On several occassions, my bloggy friends and I have discussed particular moments in our life when we feel like a grown up.

You know - that moment when you're performing a task that you probably do on a regular basis, but it suddenly occurs to you that grown-ups do this kind of thing. And suddenly you realise your not a kid playing dress up, but an adult living a grown up life.

Yes I'm in my 20's and have had my drivers license since I was 16, but every so often when driving in my car alone, I feel like a grown up.

Miss Pip's grown up moment is when she puts petrol in her car.

Miss Jodie feels grown up when she pays a bill on time or has enough money in the bank to pay for groceries.

Other suggestions include actually doing the grocery shop alone or getting a manicure..

Travelling alone is another suggestion. Or picking up the bill after a meal at a restaurant.

Today I had a grown-up moment when I was talking to a Real Estate Agent about selling my house. We sat down at my dining room table and discussed the value of the property, the fees involved in the sale process and my plans for the future. I have sold propoerty before, but I honestly don't remember the process and at the time I was going through the steps with someone by my side. 

Perhaps grown-up moments only happen when you're alone ? 

 This topic has sparked much debate in our office today, so I would love to hear your thoughts.

Grown up moments - When do you have them ??



  1. i was hoping by now to have more grown up moments to share...maybe something will happen this meekend that will put a more mature perspective on my life???

  2. I have one!!! Going to a party alone...

  3. I agree that paying bills on time gives me Grown-Up Moments... Booo for being all grown-up & responsible ;)


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