Monday, 13 June 2011

Cupcakes, Candy & Crepe Paper

I blogged about my sister's 30th Birthday back in May - Read more here.

But because we don't live in the same state, the birthday celebrations were slightly delayed (in time, not in enthusiasm).

A casual gathering was organised - 30 and Flirty.

And my darling sister employed me to be her party stylist/decorator/Amy Atlas impersonator...

So on Sunday night, we sat at mum's dining table fashioning pom poms out of tissue paper and planning a candy buffet.

Here I am all exhausted, showing off my amazing Martha Stewart Craft skills

Isn't it amazing what several packets of tissue paper and a few hours can produce ?

Hours of tissue paper folding = Pretty pom pom decorations

We didn't even have a table to use for our buffet, so we threw a table cloth over the spa! And it worked suprisingly well... The bowls and platters were all on hand in mums garage (courtesy of the contents of my house being stored at her place!)

My first Amy Atlas-esque Candy Buffet

Melting Moments - A guaranteed crowd pleaser

And the show stopping cake - DELICIOUS!

Other assorted candy included marshmallows, m&m's, strawberries & cream lollies, chico babies and choc honeycomb

Cheaters cupcakes.. (Not home-made - don't judge)

And the beautiful Birthday Girl herself. xx

Not bad for a candy table requested the night before the event.
Oh, and it was lovely to see my sister and celebrate her birthday too!


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  1. I know you loved every second of making those pom-poms :P Thankyou so much Andie, the day was amazing thanks to you & your awesomeness :D xoxo


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