Thursday, 30 June 2011

Home Sweet Home

In preparation for the first Open Inspection this weekend, I went on an excursion down King William Road today in search of the perfect candle.

There are several 'Sellers Tips' and pearls of wisdom that people impart on you when you're trying to sell a house - You know, like bake some bread the morning of the Open, or brew some coffee. Have fresh flowers on the dining room table.
The small details that make a buyer feel at home in your house. And offer a little extra money...

In the perfect world, I will be awake nice and early on Saturday morning ready to give the house a final vaccum and polish so that it truely sparkles when the many eager buyers flood through the front door.

I even plan on making some cookies or perhaps a cake so that the kitchen smells amazing and all those suburban housewives who come to the Open with their handsome husband and 2.5 kids in tow can imagine themselves dressed in an apron and baking desserts and sweet temptations in my kitchen every weekend.

I know.. I have high expectations of the people who plan to make my house their home.

Anyway, back to my shopping expedition today - I was in search of the perfect candle, because if I don't have time to bake mouth watering treats on Saturday morning (or even if I do) I also want beautiful scented candles throughout the house giving off a subtle scent and also mask the new carpet smell that the spare rooms have, since I shut the doors and don't go in there very often.

I found the perfect candles in a shop called Fourish. My favourite scent was by a brand called Voluspa - It's called Pink Citron.

I'll let you know if it has super, magical, persuasive properties!!


1 comment:

  1. Well the description on the candle makes me want to eat it, so I hope it does the job (if required) and makes your house smell pretty!

    I really hope it goes well tomorrow Babe!!!! Call me!



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