Sunday, 17 April 2011

Retail Therapy

I have just returned from an amazing weekend in Sydney with my mum, my gorgeous big sister and her husband (of 1 year today).
A weekend away was just what I needed. Retail therapy at Pitt Street and Paddy's Markets, yummy food at Darling Harbour and even a margarita at Star City Casino.

This was the second weekend in a row that I have had the pleasure of spending time with my sister, who is currently freezing living in Canberra. I truly enjoy spending time with her and am now on a count down to the long weekend in June when she'll back back in Radelaide again (55 days to go...)

Here we are about to go to the Casino for cocktails (not sure what distracted mum, but we took a few snaps and this was the best of the bunch).

Now for the Retail Therapy part...
Can I say - I have no idea how I managed to fit everything into my carry-on bag, but I have never had such a successful weekend of shopping in my life.

Here are some highlights:

Knee-High boots

PINK 'Hoodies' for your feet.

And a new quilt cover for my new bedroom (when the time comes)

My favourite part of the weekend ??
Eating food at restaurants with a view.

Breakfast View at Darling Harbour

Muesli with yoghurt - Delicious

Morning Tea View at Circular Quay

Morning Tea - Creme Brulee
Oh! And we enjoyed fireworks during dinner on Saturday night = Perfection.

Such a wonderful weekend.  Wish we could do it all over again.

And finally to Bree and Brian - Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary.  xx

Cheers.  xx

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  1. Ohhh it was so lovely to see you in Sydney!! Who knew that shopping would make us feel so happy! Absolutely adore the pretty tops you bought as well as all the other goodies! And yes the food was amazing! Jealous I missed out on that Creme Brulee lol


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