Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Comic Relief

Self Expression blog diary journal
I'm still trying to find my feet in blog-world.

There are a number of blogs that stalk follow on a regular basis - some are by people I know and others are perfect strangers who I've come to rely on for our daily 'catch-up'. It's like that connection you begin to feel towards TV characters when you've spent a weekend on the couch watching back to back episodes of one TV show. (sidenote : I love you, Lucas Scott...) 
Then there are other blogs that I drop in on occassionally when I've got time to relax. Often with the computer on my lap and a cup of tea in my hand.

Many of the blogs that I follow have a purpose. Renovation; Decoration; Food; Family.

Without knowing what my future holds, it is difficult to blog with a purpose. Or maybe my blog is about finding my future. Perhaps that is the purpose?

For now, I will be including things that make me happy. And compiling photos of beautiful spaces that will become my inspiration when I have a new home to renovate or decorate (whenever that may be).

Please bear with me on my new journey of self discovery. It's all very Eat Pray Love... minus Julia Roberts and her enormous mouth.

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