Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Choc Raspberry Cupcakes

Got my bake on over the weekend.

Choc Raspberry Cupcakes to celebrate my cousins birthday - A last minute family gathering as he works in the middle of nowhere and wasn't expected back home til Christmas.

Choc Raspberry Cupcakes

Here's How :

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees

Melt 50g dark choc IN 120mL water in a small saucepan

Beat 2 eggs, 225g brown sugar & 100g softened butter with mixer

In separate bowl - combined 100g Self Raising Flour; 2 tbsp Cocoa; 50g Ground Almonds

Stir dry ingredients through the egg/sugar/butter mixture. 

Add melted choc/water

Stir til combined.

Half-fill cupcake liners; Place a couple frozen raspberries in the middle; Cover with more cake mix.

(For about 25 minutes)

Frost with your frosting of choice.

I used 150g butter; 250g icing sugar; vanilla essence & food colouring.



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