Thursday, 30 August 2012

And the Rabbit and the Fox Lived Happily Ever After...?

I am easily distracted.

Most of you know that; And have likely experienced me distracting you as a result. 

I can't help it. 

Sometimes my attention span is in the red. Negative 100. Zero chance of focus.

Today is one of those days.


In fairness, I was googling images for a proposal for work. So it's not like I go searching for weird photos (often). 

But this one had to be shared.

Masquerade Wedding - here


That's weird.

And I can imagine arguments in the years to come - 

"What happened to the man I married?!" she will squeal at him in a fit of rage.

To which, he may reply - "Honey, I'm a sly fox..."


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