Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It's About the Journey

I learnt a lesson on the weekend.

Nothing profound or earth shattering, but it was definitely one of those moments where I found myself thinking "ohh.. now I get it".

And it was totally unexpected.. which is perhaps why I remain in such a philosophical mind-frame a two days later.

In short, I decided to visit my Nan. She lives over an hour away but was released from hospital on Friday, having been admitted prior to Christmas.

The drive is never particularly difficult and given the right playlist or company in the car and the trip can be fairly pleasant.

But let's face it... Visiting Nan is more about the destination than the car ride to get there. Total car time for the round trip is approximately 3 hours, which is usually more time than I actually spend with her. But, being the good granddaughter that I am, I decided to make the trek on Sunday despite not being able to convince anyone to keep me company.

I think the 'lesson' I learnt is very much an extension of this post from August last year when I discovered that spending time with myself can be hugely rewarding. I learn new things about myself everyday.

OK, are you ready for it ??

Live in the moment. 

Yep. I know it seems incredibly simple, but I think it's a philosophy that is so easy to forget, particularly if you're anything like me and seem to be constantly worried about the past or the future; the 'what-ifs' and the 'maybes'.

So, I've now realised that sometimes (not all the time, because.. well, I want to be realistic here....) I need to remind myself to focus and enjoy the journey, to be more aware of my surroundings.

I need to be less concerned about the destination and more aware of the journey to get there.

And I made this 'profound' discovery whilst travelling to my Nan's house - convertible-style.

Travel In Style

BTW - I'm sorry for using the word 'journey' in this post. I am of the opinion that this word is greatly over-used, particularly by reality television contestants (think Biggest Loser) and it makes me cringe a little. And think of tacky drinking games where the key word is 'journey'. But in this case, it was entirely necessary. So drink up.


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  1. So glad to hear that you made this amazing realization :) xx Can't wait to visit, and 'live in the moment' with you in person :P


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