Monday, 23 January 2012

Girl Crush : Rachel Bilson

You know her from The OC..

But my appreciation of Rachel Bilson comes from her new show - Hart of Dixie.

Here's the deal - 

Fast-talking New Yorker Dr Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) graduates from college with dreams of becoming a cardio-thoracic surgeon just like her dad, but it doesn't work out quite the way she expected, so she accepts a job offer from a stranger to work with him at his small practice in Bluebell, Alabama. Upon arrival, Zoe finds out the kind man has passed away and she has inherited half his medical practice. 
Zoe soon discovers that not everyone is welcoming to newcomers, particularly young females doctors with impeccable style....

And yes (on and off the small screen) the girl has style.

ohmigod - LOOK at her.

And of course, there's the requisite mantastic eye-candy ...

Wilson Bethel - aka 'Wade'

Yeah - I'm speechless too...

Scott Porter - aka 'George Tucker'

Get on board..

You can thank me later.



  1. Question is, how can I see it?!?! All these shows we miss on free to air. This looks FAB! A cooler version of Men in Trees?

  2. Agreed - Rachel Bilson is ah-mazing!!! Words can't explain how much I wish I had her style! Will give the series a go & report back xx


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