Friday, 6 January 2012

Decorating with Frames

I often post pretty photos of ideas I have for my future home. Wishing.. Hoping..  Dreaming.. about my next house and all the amazing things I would do to make it mine.

Until I buy my very own place, I have one room in our share house to play with, and have had fun creating a gallery wall of IKEA frames.

I've shared my love of frames here and am now very proud to show you all my first attempt which incorporates my wall mirror and is on the wall I look at while I'm sitting in bed.

Black and White Gallery Wall

I've attached the frames to the wall with those awesome velcro 3M strips so the frames and be taken down and the images replaced with ease.

The pictures in the frames are currently a work in progress, as I find cute greeting cards in store or pretty pictures on Pinterest. And of course, there are a couple of photos of Emmy.

What do you think ? Any thoughts on the black and white frame combination ? I was originally apprehensive, with my preference for them all to be white, but most of them came from my old house so I recycled and worked with what I had.. and thankfully, I am loving the result.



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