Thursday, 10 November 2011

Birthday Month

Birthday Month (November) is my favourite time of the year.

'Why?' you ask..

Because, well, obviously it's my Birthday.. so that means celebrations that include family, friends and ofcourse, cake! This year my big sis will also be in Adelaide to join in the festivities and we're planning on squeezing in an Endota Spa Treatment which equals bliss.

In November the weather starts to warm up so I can spend more time at the beach; We've switched our clocks to reflect daylight savings so I no longer have to drive home from work in the dark; And the social calendar starts to get busier with pre-Christmas functions and catch ups with friends before the December madness that often involves frantic last minute Christmas shopping and wrapping things up at work.

Birthday Month is especially exciting this year as it's also the month settlement happens on my house. The new owners take possession on Monday and I made sure it was empty, clean and ready for settlement before I went to Bali. Closure on the house means I will be single and mortgage free for the first time since I was 18.  This in itself makes November an amazing month.

Sing It - "All the single ladies.."

This weekend Emmy and I will be attending her Family Reunion (imagine 30+ related miniature schnauzers running around). The Annual Schnauzer Soiree is a chance for the breeders to invite all the puppies from their previous litters back to play. Emmy knows the other dogs are her relatives and watching them interract is mesmerising (I am planning on getting some video footage on my trusty iPhone camera).

November is also amazing because the Credit Union Christmas Pageant takes place on Saturday morning. Watching the pageant has been a tradition since I was little. Pageant Day represents the 'Official Countdown to Christmas' and has always been the day on which I put up the Christmas Tree and decorate the house with shiny baubles and sparkly tinsel like I'm living in Santa's Workshop.

So, after a stormy 7 months, I am glad that Birthday Month is here.

I'm looking forward to a bright and smiley November.

This is my new beginning.


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  1. Wow, that post is just ah-mazing Babe!!!! So freakin happy for you!!! Cannot wait to see you, for endota, for birthday cocktails, for cupcakes.. Gives me warm fuzzies knowing that you are happy again <3 xox


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