Friday, 25 November 2011

Advice from Kate Spade

Having just recovered from the bubbles and cake that were included in my Birthday Week celebrations, I am super excited to have something to remind me of what was an amazing day/week/month and what how fabulous the next year will be.

My gorgeous sister gave me the BEST GIFT EVER - Three Kate Spade bangles. 

PINK Kate Spade bangles, no less. 

Kate Spade Bangles

They are just gorgeous and each includes a message that will inspire me throughout the next 12 months.

Live colourfully

This is the year to...
Make sparks fly
Be curious as a cat
Lose yourself in a good book
Add a twist
Play your cards right

The Jewel in the Crown

Even more exciting is that I included them in a Polyvore Board months ago.

I heart Kate Spade

But I heart my big sis even more!



  1. Yaayyyyyy So glad you liked them :) The build up was totally worth it, just like I told you, right?! :P

    You are going to have the Bestest Year Ever - can't wait to see how it all unfolds :)


  2. Oh and PS - Now *this* is my favourite post on your blog :P


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