Sunday, 1 March 2015

we all have a story to tell

..."What do you even blog about?"
..."And what's the point in writing a blog that you don't make money from?"
..."But who would want to read what you write anyway?"

Those were the questions thrown at me by a friend's wife several weeks ago at a social gathering. 
It felt like an interrogation. And I felt like a fraud.

My immediate response?

S H I T . . . 
W H Y   D O   I   W R I T E  ? ! 

And then I found this... 

... and Flannery O'Connor had said it for me.

The truth is - My mind is a busy place.

And sometimes I need to Write It Out, just like T-Swift likes to Shake It Off.

For as long as I can remember, writing has been a huge part of my life.

Short stories; Journals; Poems; Letters; This Blog.

I find words to be therapeutic; and oftentimes, they pour out of my fingertips onto the keyboard, or scrawled across a piece of paper with the tip of a pen, and create sentences I didn't even know existed in my mind.

I can empty my emotions onto a page and suddenly the jumble of thoughts combines with my subconscious and I can find clarity spelled out before me.

I write because I made a promise to my Nan that I would one day publish a book of my stories; Because perhaps my lessons will help others (or at the very least, serve to entertain).

I write because I have a terrible memory!
So that I can read it back and marvel at my experiences; and remember with exact detail how I felt in that very moment.

Sometimes I write with a self-imposed pinky promise to never look at those words again.

I have thoughts.
And I have opinions.
And I write this blog because I want to.


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