Friday, 17 January 2014

know or feel

To put into words how I am feeling today is difficult, because as I type, I edit my thoughts and then they fall onto the page wrong and don't even resemble my initial thought.

What a mess.

But this quote has resonated with me because it describes where I am right now. 


I am currently a Work In Progress toward embracing my True Self.

My judgmental self has trouble admitting that in such a public forum.

But it is what it is.

I am breaking down barriers of what I have believed for many years and reinventing myself.

It sounds crazy.

It sounds impossible.

It's certainly not easy.

But I am doing it.

My biggest struggle is to challenge what I know to be true because those thoughts are learned, they are ingrained, they are in alignment with societal perception and they make sense to me. I have lived them for as long as I can remember.

And now I am consciously letting them go, to make room for new thoughts based on my True Self.

For me, embracing my True Self means moving beyond my self-prescribed limitations.

Pushing through mental barriers which I have in the past allowed me to give up.

Because the truth is - 
Beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking.

So everything that I thought I knew was just habitual thinking; which means that it is entirely possible to change my thinking and develop new beliefs.

It will take some time. But only then will what I know be a true reflection of what I feel.

And then, I will be living a life that is honouring my truth.


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