Monday, 6 January 2014

it's about the J word...

I have found myself making excuses for this little blog of late.

Along the lines of -

"It's about baking.

Sort of.

Well.. it was once upon a time..

Now it's kind of like a journal.

Except not lame.

But it's not very exciting.

You probably wouldn't be interested...."

Here's the thing - 

This blog is about my life.

It always has been.

When my life changes focus, so does the blog.

When I bake, I tell you about it.

When I don't.. well, I have other stuff to share!

My blog evolves the same way my life does. 

There used to be a plan. But plans change.

And so I adapt accordingly.

Get your shot glasses ready*...


And right now, in this little game called life, I am on one hell of a ride as I discover things I never knew about myself.

I am exploring concepts and ideas that I never imagined.

I am becoming the truest version of myself than I have ever been.

Pinned HERE

So, from now on, when asked to summarise this little blog?

Well, it's just about LIFE.

Cupcakes and all.


You know - Have a shot every time someone says the word 'Journey' on a reality TV show?!... 
Ok.. Just me then.

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