Tuesday, 8 October 2013

they see me riding...

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will already know about my new wheels.

That's right - a cute little bike I've fondly named 'Pollyanna'.

I haven't owned or ridden a bike for about 15 years... So purchasing her was a big commitment.

But like they say - "It's just like riding a bike".


With three days of sunshine this past weekend, I took the opportunity to take Pollyanna for our first major excursion together.

We only almost died three times.

I think that's a good start!

With my phone playing tunes from the front basket, it felt very Now and Then

I loved every second of it.

OK - that's a lie. There was a strong head wind on the way home and I wanted to give up 100 times.

But I didn't.


**Round of applause**

Ahh.. Sunshine and happiness.

Life is bliss.



  1. "Pollyanna" - pleeeeease tell me you've seen (and liked) that movie. It is awesome.
    Do you think one day that daisy and pollyanna will get a ride together?
    I think yes.

    1. ahhh.. Pippa - You know me better than that. Of course I haven't seen it. Your brief explanation doesn't encourage me to either. urrghh gross.

      But yes.. someday daisy and pollyanna will frolick together. In a trampy kind of way. Because i imagine their shiny exteriors mask an inner bad girl persona. hahaha


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