Tuesday, 22 October 2013

stress is my middle name

This week, I am moving house for the seventh time in two years.

I've been a little out of sorts and everyone around me is telling me to be easy on myself because moving house is exhausting.

But there's a little voice in my head questioning if that is really a legitimate reason for my less-than-chirpy mood.

Insert My Friend Wiki  


Apparently, 'Moving House' gets 25 points on the Stress Scale. It doesn't say if you get to multiply that number by the number of moves though...

Test yourself.. How stressed is your life right now?

Life eventLife change units
Death of a spouse100
Marital separation65
Death of a close family member63
Personal injury or illness53
Dismissal from work47
Marital reconciliation45
Change in health of family member44
Sexual difficulties39
Gain a new family member39
Business readjustment39
Change in financial state38
Death of a close friend37
Change to different line of work36
Change in frequency of arguments35
Major mortgage32
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan30
Change in responsibilities at work29
Child leaving home29
Trouble with in-laws29
Outstanding personal achievement28
Spouse starts or stops work26
Begin or end school26
Change in living conditions25
Revision of personal habits24
Trouble with boss23
Change in working hours or conditions20
Change in residence20
Change in schools20
Change in recreation19
Change in church activities19
Change in social activities18
Minor mortgage or loan17
Change in sleeping habits16
Change in number of family reunions15
Change in eating habits15
Minor violation of law11
Score of 300+: At risk of illness.
Score of 150-299: Risk of illness is moderate (reduced by 30% from the above risk).
Score <150: Only have a slight risk of illness.

From my marital breakdown, to the death of my beautiful Nan, to moving interstate and changing my line of work - and all within two years...... Shall we throw in 'Selling a House' for good measure?!

........ My score smashed 300.

I don't know if I should feel proud for still standing; or drop to floor in fetal position and cry...!

This test has definitely put some things into perspective for me though.

By this weekend, the move will be over and I will focus on looking after myself a little better.

That's a promise.


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