Sunday, 1 September 2013

the new girl

There's a fine line when you start a new job - a zone between being incredibly quiet and awkward; and overly confident and annoying.

I am very familiar with both of these categories having watched an embarrassingly high number of new people come and go through the front doors of my previous workplace. I was there for 6 years. 

Note the key words - 'previous workplace'?

I'm not there anymore... And now I am uncomfortably aware that people in my new workplace are probably judging me in the same way that I have judged others over the years... 

Ok - let's be honest, they're probably not judging as harshly as I have done.

I hope.

So now I'm The New Girl.

New to the state. New to the industry. New to the job. 
Now on the other side of judgement.

Far out.

Besides learning the role and the business; I'm also learning about myself.

For example, I don't like being The New Girl! 

And I miss The Cool Pod more than ever. 

I have also become very aware just how much my Work Family meant to me - I got engaged, married and divorced during my 6 years at my previous job; That's kind of a big deal!

But I'm trying to embrace this new beginning. 

I know I won't be The New Girl forever.

And slowly but surely, they will come to understand a few important things about me -

I don't drink coffee, but am always up for a tea break

I always have snacks in my desk drawer (and sometimes I'll even share them...)

I have a unique ability to get lots of work done while looking like all I've done is swan around the office all day

Equally, I can look like I'm hard at work and get nothing done for hours

I will be told to stop talking on a regular basis. 
I am used to it. It won't work

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