Saturday, 31 August 2013

finding your people

I have moved house a few times in the past 2 years. And one of the biggest hassles with relocating (besides that whole packing / unpacking thing) is finding New People.

Let me explain what I mean by New People…

Driving from one side of town (where you now live)  to the other side of town (where you used to live) can be somewhat of an inconvenience. So it becomes necessary to find New People – a new doctor; a new dentist; a new naturopath; a new vet; a new massage therapist; a new dog groomer; a new beauty therapist. A Brand New Team. A support network of experts who you can trust and rely upon within close vicinity of your new home. Because there’s nothing worse than driving further than 5 minutes for an appointment for which you’re probably already running late.

In truth – I have been known to drive over 45 minutes to a dog groomer who
A. did an amazing job; and
B. could handle the giant attitude little Miss Emmy likes to unleash at the most unfortunate of times (aka in the middle of a haircut).

Anyway, my point today is –  I am recruiting A New Team. Again.

And I’ll probably share my findings with you right here. Watch this space.


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