Friday, 30 August 2013

it didn't fit...

It didn’t fit, it wasn’t right

Wasn’t just the size

They say you know when you know

I don’t know
I didn’t feel the fairy-tale feeling, no
Am I a stupid girl

For even dreaming that I could

Yes, yes - I am a Katy Perry tragic.

And beside the fact that I LOVE this song; it also seems a very appropriate way to re-launch Starts with Cupcakes.

"Andie in Wonderland" was like an impulse buy on a shopping spree.

It didn't quite fit, but I bought it anyway; and then it hung in my wardrobe for a while, but I never wore it.
Because in the end, it's about comfort. And Starts with Cupcakes just fits me better.

So here it is... Another makeover for my little blog as I wrap myself in an old favourite.

And I can tell you already - it feels good to be 'home'.


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