Wednesday, 4 September 2013

snip snip

They say change is as good as a holiday; And even though there's been plenty of change in my life recently, I have found myself considering yet more change. Of the hairstyle variety.

The urge to dramatically change my hair is regular and persistent. And then it passes and I move onto something else.

Late last year, I bleached my hair from dark brown to blonde on a whim.

And can I say - I actually don't think blondes have more fun....

Since bleaching my hair, it has been unhealthy and dry and sad and now I am facing a new challenge -

To chop; or not to chop.

I've turned to Pinterest for some hairspiration.

All beautiful girls with such stylish short hair.

And yet, I have been staring at these photos for days and still can't commit to making a hair appointment!

Maybe next week?!


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