Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lemoney Lemon

I have a lemon tree in my backyard.

It hasn't produced fruit for 2 years, because in the first 12 months of living in the house my mum suggested I prune the tree - "Be aggressive with it" she said. So I did. And it's taken a good 2 years for the poor tree to recover.

But FINALLY, after almost giving up on the tree, it is giving me fruit. LOTS of fruit.

And so this weekend I plan to bake with lemons. (Yes, I am already making plans for the weekend.. even though it's only Thursday!)

The only questions is - What should I bake ??

All requests will be considered !!



  1. Was very tempted to delete this comment.. but it made me laugh.

    "YOU are"...

  2. Oh my god the Lemon Cheesecake Slice!!! Wait, why am I voting when I can't have any :(


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