Monday, 18 July 2011

Cupcakes for Grandma

I went on an impromptu road trip on the weekend. Not too far. Just up the freeway to Mannum.
My cousin and I decided to honour our Grand-daughterly duties and pay our Nan a visit.

Anticipating an icey welcome unless I arrived with a gift of the edible kind, I baked some individual Carrot and Walnut cakes.

I know I have blogged about Carrot and Walnut cake before, but it's such an easy cake to make and I always have the ingredients available in my poorly stocked kitchen,. Plus, it turns out that these are Nan's favourite (must remember that for future..) 

So it was a win for all involved.

Nan appreciated the effort and Emmy enjoyed a ride in the car. 

And me ?
I can pretend that these cakes are practically a balanced meal, since they have vegetables in them.. Good thing too, because I ate one for dinner.

Everyone was happy.


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