Tuesday, 24 May 2011

L'Homme Parfait

I have already posted about my Bali holiday here.

But admittedly it was more 'Eat' than 'Eat Pray Love'... So I thought I would share some photos that had me convinced that I'd found the perfect man.

In a supermarket.

He has lived in Bali for 8 years and worked at Carrefour (the supermarket) for four. He is french. And he makes the most amazing pastries. [Thought I had a photo of him, but it must be on mum's camera.. Watch this space]

So anyway, tucked in the corner of this massive store where you can shop for groceries or a BBQ and blow-up pool, we found a bakery section in which you could easily get lost and never be seen again.

There was sweet and there was savoury. But as you can imagine, I was drawn to the desserts like a moth to a flame.

Rows and rows of amazing cakes and tarts and eclairs and mousse.

It was pastry heaven.

I was very restrained and chose just one lucky dessert to come home with me.

Berry Cheesecake with Chocolate Biscuit Base

Except, we didn't make it much further than the exit...

Now that I have you all drooling - Here are a few other pics I snapped of my food adventure in Bali.

Spring rolls

Grilled Prawns with Garlic Butter

Chicken Satays
By the way - Look how these were presented, on a little stand with coal in the bottom, so they stayed warm.

Atlantic Salmon

The man in the restaurant gave this to us on the house. We were trying to speak to him in Indonesian/Balinese and may have said something hugely inappropriate...

And of course we had a few of these too... Cheers!


'L'Homme Parfait' means 'The Perfect Man' (or so I'm told..)

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  1. O..M..G.. You only got 1 of those pastries!?! Should have been more like 1 hundred!!!! :P


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