Friday, 21 August 2015

this one's a bit sombre

Death; Loss; Sadness.

These are the kind of taboo topics that no one likes to talk about.

But here I am today, writing in a somewhat sombre tone.

And I won't apologise, because life is not always sunshine and happiness.

And that's OK.

It is in moments of loss that I become reflective.

I think most people do...

On the life of the one who has left us;
And perhaps also on the life we have led ourselves.

I become quiet.

I retreat.

I go inwards with my thoughts.

And then I judge my own emotions.

"There are others, all over the world, in a much worse situation than you, right now"

But that dust-yourself-off-and-move-on attitude is not reasonable.
It is not fair.

If you did not allow yourself to feel sadness because someone else may have it worse,
Then you should never permit yourself to feel happiness, 
because by the same logic - someone else may have it better.

Lesson of the Week :
You cannot logic yourself through emotion.

Y O U R   F E E L I N G S   A R E   V A L I D
B E C A U S E   Y O U   F E E L   T H E M

this one's a bit sombre.... your feelings are valid because you feel them >> STARTS WITH CUPCAKES
-- Iain Thomas


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