Thursday, 2 April 2015

the game of life

Sleep is evading me this week.

I have laid (lain?*) awake for 3 nights in a row frustrated that my thoughts have not slowed; my eyes have not become heavy; and I have not drifted into a restful slumber.

My current state of restlessness seems here to stay.

So here I am at 3am rehashing a recent conversation with a friend; in which I tried (in my sleep deprived state) to explain my belief that oftentimes we encounter obstacles in our lives from which we must learn a lesson, otherwise similar challenges will continue to present themselves in the future (again and again.. And again) until the lesson is learnt.

F R O M   L E A R N I N G   C O M E S   G R O W T H 

and perhaps

N O N E   C A N   G R O W   W I T H O U T   L E A R N I N G

In any case, I have recently identified a recurring pattern in my life;
And based on my aforementioned beliefs, I am quite certain that this is no mere coincidence - 
I am supposed to learn something from this experience.

ie. This situation is providing me with the opportunity to grow.

Caught in this cycle, I have realised life is kind of like a high-stakes game of messed-up Monopoly -
You have landed on the Chance Card.
If you roll a 6 - 
Advance token to significant Personal Growth;
If you fail to roll a 6 - 
Go back 3 spaces; Internalise your life decisions; Pay the bank $200; and Miss a Turn.
Then try again...

Cue internal screaming 

"W H A T ' S   T H E   [insert expletive]   L E S S O N ?!"

So... because I am on a roll (pun intended) with the game metaphors;
I can explain this frustration very simply - 

(wait.. no, that's not it. haha.. #sorrynotsorry)

L I F E   I S   A   P U Z Z L E 
You have never seen a picture of the finished image; 
And you can't even be sure that you have all the right pieces.

Which brings me to my final piece of wisdom (at 4am...)

Life Puzzle Quote - Don't force the pieces that don't fit  :: STARTS WITH CUPCAKES

And ironically (because it certainly wasn't intentional)...
this little piece of advice is 100% applicable to the current challenge I have been battling.
And I am sure in the light of day it will make absolute sense to discard the ill-fitting pieces of my puzzle.

(One more analogy just for goodluck...)
Just as there are always a few extra, unnecessary parts in the little bag of nuts, bolts and screws that come with your flatpack IKEA furniture - 
Ill-fitting puzzle pieces in real-life add zero support to the overall structure; and are rarely worth hanging on to.


*At this point - Who knows?!

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