Monday, 17 February 2014

pizza + wine

I know that my latest and greatest eating habits are not as exciting as my baking of delicious sweet treats.. and I also know that for some reason, I am not as skilled at photographing my savoury food compared to fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies or generously-iced cakes..

But after seeing a million photos on pinterest, I decided it was a sign from the universe telling me it was time to give the whole 'cauliflower pizza crust' thing a go.

Was it worth the time and effort??
Cauli-crust Pizza


I roasted pumpkin for the topping;

I blended cauliflower into a 'dough';

I smeared avocado as a base;

I added capsicum, pinenuts, mushrooms and basil for the topping.

And the end result was undeniably delicious.

The most time consuming component of the entire process was drying out the cauliflower to make it 'dough-ready'.

After blitzing about half a head of cauli in my blender (apparently, you can grate it as an alternative), you then need to get the excess moisture out of it.

I did this over the stove top, on low heat, stirring until it 'cooked' and dried.

After allowing it to cool, add 1 egg + some mozzerella cheese. Then form 'pizza' sized circles on a baking tray.

Cook the base until golden brown.

Unless you're like me, and you get too excited, forget, and load your pizza with toppings before you realise you missed this step!!
[It didn't really matter.. I suppose my bases would have been a little crispier if I had remembered this part...]

After adding the topping, cook until brown/cheese has melted/you get hungry..

Enjoy with a glass of vino*.


*Always drink responsibly.

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