Thursday, 13 February 2014

oh my gosh.. she's SIX

Miss Emmy is SIX today and my heart swells with love for this little parcel of fur.

Both of us are in absolute denial of her age. In fact it is a topic that is strictly off-limits.

When people at the dog park remark on how she is such an adorable puppy -
We smile knowingly and make small talk about her youthful appearance and endless energy.

Just 8-weeks old..

In a very raw, honest conversation with my mum recently, I discussed (yet another) relocation and actually considered what it would mean to not take Miss Emmy with me - ie. not having to look for 'dog-friendly' rentals; the freedom to travel for work..

But having those thoughts and speaking those words aloud made every cell in body scream in defense. The joy that my fur child brings me surpasses everything

Note to potential friends/boyfriends - This little dog is my non-negotiable.

And is it just me, or is she getting cuter with age?!


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