Monday, 24 February 2014

pass the popcorn

The number of ticket stubs floating in the bottom on my handbag has led me write this post..

I am certainly no Margaret Pomeranz or David Stratton when it comes to my movie knowledge or ability to review said films, but I know what I like and I know warm popcorn and a choctop always make the experience 100% better.

I ventured out to the cinema alone for the very first time and saw this movie.
Perhaps it was my new found cinema-going independence, or perhaps it was because this movie gave me the sense that anyone can be/do/see anything they want, whatever it was - I really enjoyed this film.
I will admit, I am not a huge Ben Stiller fan, so I have some reservations at first, but the story and the scenery captured me from the beginning and I enjoyed every second of the journey.


I had zero expectations of this film. I literally had no idea what it was about.
I hadn't seen a single preview or read any reviews.
And I was so thankful, because that just made this movie even more magical.
Emma Thompson is perfect.
The soundtrack is (obviously) amazing.
The back story is heart-wrenching.
Tears were shed. Smiles happened.
My inner-child beamed with love for Disney.
True warm and fuzzy.

How much will you hurt me when I tell you that I just didn't love it?!
Don't get me wrong - Leonardo DiCaprio is freakin' fantastic.
And anyone who ever watched Neighbours, would be just so damn proud of Margot Robbie.
But after allll the rave reviews, I think I just expected more.....
It was long. And yes - I laughed, and grimaced, and squirmed.
But it's not a movie I can gush about.
Sorry I'm not sorry.


OK.. there had to be one chick flick in the mix.
And this is it.
Funny? Yes
Relatable? Maybe
Worth the movie ticket? Probably not.
I've seen Zac do better. (Charlie St Cloud)
I've seen him do worse too.. (Hello, New Years Eve)
In the United States, this movie is called 'That Awkward Moment' and well.. it was.
Zac's gotten a little chubby, so the eye candy wasn't there. And I didn't feel the chemistry between him and his girlfriend Imogen Poots.
Bonus points to his onscreen BFF Daniel though.

Two memorable moments for me -
1. When his other BFF Mikey admits his life is over after his wife has cheated on him, because how did it go so wrong? After all "he checked all the boxes.. College degree, successful job, marriage"; and
2. When he cyber-stalks the guy who is in four of the girls Facebook photos, like an obsessed teenage girl [Admit it - You've done that too]


Argue if you want. But I call it how I see it.

And finally, because when I went to the movies on Friday night, all I really wanted to see was a little of this -

You're welcome


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