Tuesday, 26 November 2013

should = shit

I log into Blogger regularly.

Occasionally I post something new, or play around with a draft post that isn't quite working for me yet. But mostly, I log in, look at my drafts, decide that I have nothing new to say and log back out.

The thing is, I am often paralyzed by what I should post rather than what I want to post.

I never started this blog so that it could become my very own Dear Diary on the internet.

And, I honestly don't want to take it down that path.

But I started this blog for me. So the posts are allowed to be about what I want, rather than what you want. They're my rules.

About 2 months ago, I started seeing a new Naturopath. 
I like the concept of taking care of ourselves before we require a doctor. 
Doctors have to fix a problem that already exists - 
You have an illness? Take some antibiotics.
In my experience, doctors don't like the explore for an underlying cause of the illness, they merely treat the symptoms presented at the time of consult.

Regardless of my opinion on the medical industry, my Naturopath - who is also a kinesiologist and counsellor - works with me on establishing the cause of my symptoms.

On my very first visit I dubbed him my Magical Unicorn.

On my latest visit, the subject of my birthday was an easy topic of conversation, until I mentioned all of the things my life should include by now.

You know - the husband, the picket fence, dog, 2.5 kids....

And he gave me a pen and paper and told me write down the following mantra

Should = Shit

We discussed a world in which the word should is banished, and is instead is replaced by could.

Could has so much more freedom than Should.

It implies a choice. Options.

And with that wisdom, I realise he is 100% right.

In blogging and in life, there is no place for should.

I have the freedom to live as I please. Just as I have the freedom to blog about any topic that takes my fancy.

Because it's my blog. And it's my life. And I can do anything I want.


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