Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Bet you haven't heard that saying since the 90's...

Here it is again for dramatic effect - 

Holy COW!

I know many people like to reflect on their life/dreams/goals at New Years.

But I like to look over my shoulder on the eve of my Birthday.

Only 4 sleeps to go and my head is spinning with thoughts and concerns about being another year older..

I will be twenty-eight. 

The past year has been anything but dull.. but did I get any wiser?!

I am certainly not where I thought I would be at this point in my life.

Am I learning from past mistakes?

What does the universe have in store for me?

How the hell did I get here?!

**Let's take a quick skip down memory lane** 

3 years ago
On my twenty-fifth birthday, I ordered an amazing 3-tier cake and celebrated turning a Quarter of a Century.
I was married.
And I knew with a level of certainty that the years to come would include my husband and with some luck a baby or two.
My mum bought me a sewing machine, and to this day, I still haven't used it....

2 years ago
Two weeks before my birthday, I sold the house that was supposed to be my family home. It took me less than 3 years to turn it into a home that I loved; and over 7 months to sell it.
I packed Miss Emmy up to live with my mum and then I launched in a Share House; with 2 beautiful friends who introduced me to G&T's and Dirty Dancing.

1 year ago
I had just moved again.
Taking a leap of faith and launching into the world solo. Well.. Almost. Miss Emmy was with me and together we were invincible!
I had bought a new place to start a new life and my beautiful sister visited from interstate to celebrate with me.

I have moved AGAIN!
I once believed that I was supposed to settle down and build a home in the one place.
Now everything I thought I once knew for certain was an illusion, and now I am trying to navigate a world with a brand new outlook. It's confusing. And scary. But also exciting and new.

I don't know if I am necessarily wiser. But I am definitely more open-minded.

Now facing the year ahead with my sister and puppy by my side, I feel like anything is possible.

And that in itself is the perfect Birthday gift.


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