Friday, 31 May 2013

June Challenge

It's the FIRST of JUNE tomorrow.

I just want to give you a moment to let that sink in




Because if you're anything like me, you're probably still wondering what happened to April; let alone May.

But this post isn't about time - whether fast or slow. 

It's about me setting a challenge for myself. And the beginning of a new month and the start of a new season seems an apt time to give it a shot.

Let me start with saying - I don't think this will be easy by any means. But I am going to see how it goes.

If it works - Good for me!

If it doesn't quite happen - well, that's OK too.

The Challenge??

No new purchases for a month.

I know it's not a new idea. Infact, there's a website dedicated to the concept.

But it's new for me.

I once came across a blogger who did this for a YEAR.

To her I say - Congratulations!

But to you, I say - For me that would be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE.

So the time frame is a month.

The first rule of Fight Club is : You do not talk about Fight Club

Not only is this true.. But it's amusing to me too since I work in advertising...!!!

But the light bulb moment for me was looking in my beautiful bowl from Brown Button Trading and noticing that it had somehow become a place for my receipts to live.

And my, were there a lot of receipts in that bowl!

Keeping your receipts : Good idea or fodder for that post-shopping spree guilt?!

So at the end of June this bowl should be empty and my bank account should look happier.

Oh, and just incase you're wondering - Food is not included in my challenge. 
(Hey - it's my challenge, so I get to make the rules!)

By purchases I purely mean "stuff I could live without" and food just doesn't make that list.

I suppose it's lucky that I bought a new winter blanket last week huh?!

Wish me luck or play along at home!


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