Monday, 3 June 2013

June Challenge : Update #1

Isn't it ironic how certain blogs, people, advice come into our lives at just the right time??

Today I'm sharing an excerpt from a blog I came across this morning (after launching my No Purchases June Challenge). 

"Spend your money on what brings you joy and be frugal with everything else that doesn’t."

I love it when someone writes down exactly what I needed to hear (and action)!
I combed through what I am spending my money on and put them into categories:
(food, hello!)
(home and contents insurance) and
Everything in neither was then either eliminated completely or pared back to its most basic (frugal) form.

Read the full blog post here

Makes 100% sense to me.
When I decided to commit to the No Purchases in June challenge, I set my own rules.
Well.. just one rule really. No buying unless it's food.

This is about being conscious of my spending habits.

I am a serial shopper..

Feeling sad? Retail therapy!
Feeling happy? Buy new things!
Bored? Go shopping.
Celebrating? Mark the occasion with something new!

No Purchases June is about realising that I don't need stuff.
I shouldn't rely on things to make justify my feelings.

It's about LIVING.
So experiences are perfectly OK.

They are in that first category - IT BRINGS ME JOY.

And who doesn't want a little more joy in their lives!?


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